If there is our love

You’re squeezing my fragile shoulders,
And I’m trying to save in memory how.
What life means to me, what death means to you,
When there is our love.

You’re promising to come back, your eyes are shining,
And I’m feeling a thin frost penetrating the present.
What promises mean to you, what oaths mean to me,
When there is our love.

Your hands are so cold, I’m trying to warm them with breath.
Is that all that’s left after us?
What the body means to me, what the soul means to you,
When there is no love.

I’m trying to hold you pressing myself
Against your body as hard as I can.
The pain of my fingernails digging into my palms
Pierces me and I wake up again.
What God means to you, what Hell means to me,
When there is no love.

He’s kissing my wet cheeks,
And I’m afraid of my sudden happiness.
What life means to us, what death means to us,
If there is our love.